7 Steps to Better Health

What many doctors and other health specialists practicing mainstream medicine don’t realize is how important nutrition is to good health. How could they? Doctors barely get 6 hours of nutrition education for every year they are in medical school.

Doctors aren’t being trained to help you; they are trained to become glorified prescription drug dispensers. And since the multibillion dollar pharmaceutical companies are the ones sponsoring and writing curriculum for medical schools,
nothing is going to change anytime soon.  And this big pharma influence doesn’t stop in medical school; pharmaceutical companies legally bribe doctors to prescribe you more drugs. Many doctors get kickbacks from drug companies for every drug they prescribe or certain brand of insulin meter they recommend to you.
The entire medical system is made to keep you hooked on drugs for life while lining the greedy pockets of pharmaceutical companies. Nobody wants to cure you or make you get better. Everything is made to keep you as sick as possible, thereby guaranteeing profits to them for life.

Sounds grim? Well it is. Think about it. If your diabetes goes away, they lose a customer. They can’t sell you any more insulin pumps, glucose meters or monthly drug refills. That’s tens of thousands of dollars lost from every patient. This is why they have absolutely no intention of helping you get better. If they were actually in the health business, they’d be putting themselves out of business.

I couldn’t just sit there and watch so many diabetics suffer and struggle their entire lives, which is why I wrote this book. In this book I cover the many aspects of proper nutrition and how it relates to perfect health. Countless scientific studies over the years have shown that proper nutrition is many times more effective than most
drugs and pills at reversing, curing and eliminating disease.

I think you deserve to know the truth regarding our medical system, food and drug system, and health policy. I think you deserve to know what is being done and not being done to keep you sick and unhappy, and I want to shed some light on what is actually important and what actually matters. And I think you deserve to know that the most common notions you have been told about the food you eat, and about health and disease are wrong:

Hoping that drug manufacturers or genetic research is eventually going to discover the miracle pill to “cure” any disease is ignoring the decades of scientific studies and research that already prove how diseases can be reversed and prevented with diet alone.

  • Chemicals in the environment, as bad as they might be, as well as your “predisposition” to disease are not the main causes of most illnesses.
  •  The genes that you inherit from your parents are not the most important factors that will determine whether you will suffer from any illnesses or diseases.
  • Controlling any one aspect of your diet, for example carbohydrates, fats, protein, or any one nutrient is not going to lead to any strong improvement in your health.
  • Drugs and surgery DO NOT cure the diseases that kill most people today.
  • Most likely, you doctor has absolutely no idea what you need to do to be the healthiest that you can be.

The health industry, just like any other industry, is just that; an industry. And the sole purpose of any giant mainstream industry is to increase profits.

How does the health industry make money? They need more and more unhealthy people each year who will buy their products. What would happen if people became healthy, and happy? That’s right, the whole industry would collapse overnight, and all their billion dollar profits would disappear.

Drugs and pills are not made to cure you. Their goal is to relieve your symptoms to make you FEEL better and trick you into believing it worked. They run an industry to increase their profits, they do not want you to become healthy and slim, and their billions of dollars depend on you staying sick and unhealthy.

I want to dispel all the mystery and  confusion and bring you to the foundation of your TRUE health and wellbeing.
Countless scientific studies (which I will get to later on) over the years have proven that simple dietary and lifestyle changes work much better than conventional methods involving drugs and surgery and without the side-effects. When you take drugs, you still LIVE with the disease you are treating. You still LIVE with the side-effects from the disease while throwing away your money on pointless pills.

When you start eating right, when you eliminate the harmful oils, fats, and foods, your diabetes goes into remission and overtime even disappears – and with it disappear all the horrible side-effects. Without the use of drugs, pills, surgery or injections.

And trust me, you are going to be quite angry when you see for yourself what the drugs and pills that you might be taking really do to you – and why you never even had to take them in the first place.

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